Kinesiology is a blend of ancient and modern practices.
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Neurolinguistic Kinesiology is a powerful yet non invasive modality that helps when you are feeling stuck or blocked, unhappy or lost in your relationships, battling your physical or mental health or life in general. 

Kinesiology is a specialised type of Energy Work which uses muscle monitoring to find the ‘stress’ behind a problem and to identify ways to restore balance on multiple levels. The muscle monitoring is bio-feedback, giving us a system of communication. Your body communicates energy imbalances via the muscle monitoring; the cause of the imbalance; and the best way to correct the imbalance. 

The efficacy of kinesiology has been and continues to be proven through empirical scientific study as well as in the anecdotal reports of thousand of people who have benefited from the work.


Your body’s innate tendency is to be balanced and healthy, we need only find the source of the blockage to restore optimal health.

Once blockages are identified, it’s solution time! We use the feedback from the muscle test to determine which non-invasive technique is best to remove the blocks/pain/imbalance in your body.

Energy Kinesiology is a scientifically proven, holistic Energy Work system for correcting body and brain dysfunctions by using muscle testing to identify harmful patterns including physical patterns, thoughts, feelings, emotions, cellular memory, and subconscious commands stored by our survival instincts.

Kinesiology is consistently used throughout the world to improve learning ability, creativity and mind/body coordination as well as to help relieve emotional stress, trauma, physical pains and most ailments.


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