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A powerful yet non-invasive modality that connects
to your body for deep healing and releasing of blocks holding you back in life.

Kinesiology uses the verification tool of muscle checking to obtain feedback from the nervous system. Our nervous system and body hold the subconscious patterns, behaviours and memories of our entire past, and through muscle checking we are able to access this information. With this information we are able to understand a person’s wellbeing and how they are able to adapt to different stressors in life. We can then muscle check to find what action is needed to assist your body and mind to restore to a balanced state mentally, emotionally and physically.


mental blocks


break patterns


increase confidence


reset boundaries


holistic support


trauma healing

Balance Your Body & Spirit

What is Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology?

NLK is a branch of an holistic healing system known as Kinesiology which draws many of its techniques from Chinese Meridian Therapy. … NLK aims to include aspects commonly used by all Kinesiologists and the approach of another change technique called NLP Neuro-Lingusitic Programming.

Muscle Testing

The basis of all Kinesiology is a technique called muscle testing which is a binary on or off communication system similar to that of the internal working of a computer. Muscle testing has now been used by chiropractors and Kinesiologists for 30 years. it is a dynamic tool which can be used to gain information from the brain and body. This muscle testing technique can be used to establish whether a situation, activity, memory, food or substance is causing stress to the system. Muscle testing can then be used to establish the most efficient way to alleviate this stress.

Consultation Fees

Concession Card Rates and Package Deals Available

60min Adult  $120
90min Adult  $165

60min under 18  $ 90
90min under 18  $120

60min infant/primary school  $ 70

I had a incredible session with Jayne! She held the space for me, released blocks, tapped out the crap and rebalanced my soul all combined with love, joy and nuture. An incredible practitioner!"

– Amanda

“Jayne has an amazing talent she always knows exactly what the body needs. Such a beautiful and professional soul. Magica"

– Leesa

“Jayne is so amazing! Couldn't recommend her enough. She has a wealth of knowledge and so professional"

– Tegan

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